The Best Spots To Go Flamingo Watching In Mumbai This Summer

Don’t miss this opportunity to catch beautiful pink flamingoes before they fly away. Read this to know more about where and how you can make sure you don’t miss out!

It’s that time of the year again when 20,000 gorgeous pink birds flock to the most scenic locations in Mumbai. If you haven’t seen flamingos before, here’s your chance! Grab your family and catch the beautiful birds in action before they leave for this summer.

My kids are nature lovers and we try and make the most of the good weather and head out as much as possible before things get too hot. One of the things we look forward to each year is catching the flamingos. If you haven’t gone flamingo watching before then this is your chance to do so. Catch the pink flamingos before they leave for the summer. 

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Why Do The Flamingos Come To Mumbai?

1,21,000 flamingos at home in Mumbai this year

The flamingos fly into Mumbai from as far away as Kutch, Gujarat and Sambhar lake in Rajasthan. They come to Mumbai to feast on small microorganisms in the water that keep growing due to affluents and water pollution.

Flamingo Trivia – Did You Know

World Migratory Bird Day: When Flamingos Were Spotted In Mumbai Amid  Lockdown, See Pics

The flamingos feed on algal bloom, plankton and crustaceans which have carotenoids. These pigments are what give them their pinkish colour. The younger flamingos that aren’t fed properly are thus a mix of duller colours such as white and grey.

Where Can You Go To See Them This Weekend?

  • Travel companies and nature walks organise flamingo watch trips every year in Navi Mumbai.
  • The biodiversity centre at Airoli is a favourite of many birdwatchers as It involves only a short walk and a boat ride.
  • Talawe Wetlands at Seaweeds, Nerul is protected by residents, which is good for the flamingos to feed and flourish.
  • Thane creek flamingo sanctuary is also a good area to watch the birds as there is minimal human activity allowed by the government.

The flamingo season is on from now until the end of May when they will leave before it rains. Bird watching trips are a perfect opportunity to bond with nature.

So make use of the good weather and grab your family and see the fabulous pink flamingos this weekend!

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