The Best Wordless Picture Books You Must Get Your Kids

These books convey stories through amazing and colourful illustrations. Shush- no words! Your kids will surely fall in love with these masterpieces!
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How has the week been?

With Navratri in full swing and a long weekend in store for Dushera, I am sure most of you have your plans set. It could be an outdoor experience, or just crashing at home and relaxing after some heavy lifting that was done in the recent past! Either way, take your time out to breathe and relax this weekend, and get the kids to enjoy the break too. What books are they reading this week?

It needn’t be something too serious. It could be something as light as a children’s newspaper or a comic or even a fun fition book. Why, it could even be flipping through some pages of an encyclopedia together with your kids so they understand that fantasy isn’t the only genre they must read!

My child is reading a book on Inventions & Dioscoveries and frankly am learning more from it, ‘coz many of the things mentioned in this fab book, I never knew!

This week on KSP Book Club, we have put together a nice list of wordless picture books for kids. What, how is that helpful, you might think. But the truth is:

  • They help improve your child’s listening skills, perception of an image, comprehension and an increased awareness of how stories are “built”.
  • They are great conversation starters as it gives the children the opportunity to describe it in their own words, and take the story forward.
  • They give the child, even the younger ones, the confidence, of reading and understanding a story on their own.
  • Their vocabulary grows when they try to narrate their understanding of the story to you. Gives them (and you) a glimpse of their linguistic skills.

So go ahead and add these books to cart! Don’t forget to tell us which one your kids enjoyed the most!

We have also shared a list of the best books that help explain all about the Father of the Nation- Gandhiji to today’s kids. Do give it a read.

Wordless Picture Books For Kids

Age 2-5

Ammama’s Sari

Buy Here

Welcome To The Zoo

Buy Here

Four Hungry Kittens

Buy Here


Buy Here

Ammachi’s Glasses

Buy Here

A Boy, A Dog And A Frog

Buy Here

Age 4-8 years

I Walk With Vanessa

Buy Here

The Book Of Dreams

Buy Here

An Indian Beach

Buy Here

Small In The City

Buy Here


Buy Here

Little Fox In The Forest

Buy Here

The Theatre Of Ghosts

Buy Here

Professional Crocodile

Buy Here

Age 8+

Wolf In The Snow

Buy Here

Mr Buttonman & The Great Escape

Buy Here

Small Things

Buy Here

Best Books That Explain The Life & Times Of Gandhiji To Kids

1. Grandfather Gandhi

Arun Gandhi, Gandhiji’s grandson tells us about a story from his childhood and how he learned a lesson from him. This vibrantly illustrated tale spreads the message of the Gandhian philosophy of non-violence in a fun yet morally enriching manner that teaches one to live in the light.

Buy here 

2. Scholastic Biographies: Gandhi

Read about the life of the Father of the Nation as told through both funny comics and text. Part of Scholastic’s Great Lives series, this book takes a look at one of our most famous freedom fighters, Gandhiji who was radical, daring, and steadfast.

Buy here 

3. I am Gandhi (Ordinary People Change the World)

Doesn’t every child aspire to be great? But what are the traits that are needed for that? This series talks about what the secret ingredients are. This book focuses on Gandhi and his principles of ahimsa in the struggle for peace and freedom.

Buy here 

4. Who Was Gandhi?

“What did Gandhi do before fighting for India’s freedom?” “Where did he study and who did he marry?” are just some of the questions that book answers for your kids. It gives insights into Gandhi’s life that most of us don’t know about.

Buy here

5. My Gandhi Story

Does your child not want to read about another famous person? No problem! In this book, a Warli artist, a storyteller, and an animation filmmaker come to collaborate to bring together a visual story about Gandhi for your kids.

Buy here 

What Smart Moms Of Readers Do…

What’s your book budget- for everyone in the family? Do you have a weekly or monthly allowance on how much you are willing to spend on books?

Not all have. And it’s awesome if you have a limit too. It’s just that make sure you encourage your kids to spend more on books and reading than on other stuff- simple.

And if you are looking for ways to save more while not cutting down on your reading time. Here is an awesome offer- only on Kidsstoppress!

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Word Of The Week


To spend excess screen time consuming negative news

Usage: She was deluded into believeing that she could turn into a Princess with the help of a magic wand.

Welcome Back The Cheetahs To India!

Usage: Eversince the pandemic, her dad has been spending hours on the phone doomscrolling.

Do You Know The History Of The Smurfs?

Last week we told you about The Smurfs, the new books that are launching in India and how excited we are to be a part of this!

We also recorded a podcast that talks to kids about the history of The Smurfs, the values they teach our kids and other fun things The Smurfs teach us! Go ahead and tune into this fun podcast to listen to it right away!

And that’s a wrap on this week’s KSP Book Club newsletter. Share your feedback if you are liking our exclusive KSP Book Club newsletters. Tag us on @kidsstoppress, @janani.s.koushik and #KSPBooKClub to tell us if you like the reccos we share every week. And if you have any special requests do drop me a mail at

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