This One Habit Helps Your Kids Stay More Organised

All of us have certain goals in our lives that we wish to achieve, yet these goals were set when we were already adults. Do you want to teach your kids about goal setting early on?

Set a goal, Make it happen!

In my mentorship journey, I keep interacting with many students and young professionals. One of the common questions that appears in my interaction and exchanges with them is “How to achieve a goal?” When asked what is the goal that they want to achieve, I get answers but very vague and unclear. Some of them don’t even know what their goals are. I thought this is a serious subject that needs more clarity and requires lot of introspection before we actually sit down to materialise it. 

So how do we make them achieve their goals?

To know how to achieve a goal, first and foremost question is “What is your goal?” and then several questions would follow right after that first important question. Once you know what you want to achieve, then it will become easier to work on atomizing the effort which will make into a whole which would be meeting the goal. There are two categories of goal setting – Short term and long-term goals.

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What’s the difference?

Short term goals can be getting a good result on your test paper, getting a job after graduation etc. Against that, long term goals require a lot of planning and resource management. Building a house, purchasing a house, getting a promotion, paying a personal loan, starting a new business etc. 

Once we have addressed the category that our goal should be bucketed into, it becomes easy to plan further. So, let’s take one goal today out of your short-term goal bucket. I will show you how you could work towards achieving desired results in your journey of addressing that particular goal. 

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  • Getting a desired job in your area of passion/Building a career around a passion

Now that you have understood and identified what your goal is, working methodically with a meticulous eye is what you need and what will take you closer to the goal you have set.

Here are the two important steps-

1. Choose your passion the way you will choose a name for your child: 

Zeroing on your passion and likes would be the first priority. List down your various interests in a notebook. Out of them, what is the one thing that you feel strongly about? Tick three interests first, because at one go it is often very hard to come down to one.

So, given you have 3 interests that score above the rest, give yourself a sweet time and consider all the factors before deciding on one out of the three. Is this the passion that you want to take up and be defined with? Is this the passion you think you can fully focus on? Will you be able to give your 100 per cent to it? If the answer is yes, then go for it.

2. A quality time is what your passion seeks from you:

After deciding on your interest/passion, sit down for planning to spend some quality time for the passion to grow. If you are starting this exercise while you are in college, then academics will take enough time and you won’t have much time left. No worries! Quality time is required and doesn’t matter how many hours you put in.

That being said, you cannot go about this in a leisurely fashion as even for quality time, planning is a must. Set timing on your watch. Note that the timing that you set should be absolutely free of any other commitments. An exception applies in case of any urgency. For starters, set a limit of 20 minutes. Write a note to yourself as mentally noting is not enough. Till the time you can actually see it in writing, you won’t understand the importance, the gravity of it.

Write a simple note such as “Today at 5.30 pm I will sit and sketch” or “Today I will play badminton at 6.00 pm” Note that whatever time you start from that time all you need is 20 minutes to keep yourself going. Once you are quite adjusted to the 20-minute slot, you might feel this rhythm is very easy to undertake and you might end up exceeding the time slot. That’s the key to helping you hook up with your passion. In that time slot, your physical presence and mental presence, are fully required.

Don’t think of anything else but engage your mind only on this activity which will prove gainful to you in long run. Wire your brain, saying these 20 minutes are just for my goal and nothing else should come in between. This wiring will take time but is not impossible to achieve.

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