Cheetahs Are Back In India But We Lost 6 Of Them Already, What Happened?

Did you know that Cheetahs in India disappeared due to hunting and habitat loss? But now they are back! Listen to the full episode to know more!
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Return to India? What does that mean? It means after so many years of being extinct they are finally coming back to India! But how!

Join us on the I Am Not Bored Podcast as we explore cheetahs, with their incredible speed and unique beauty, facing challenges that are putting their survival at risk. In India, cheetahs disappeared around the 1940s, however, there is good news. Prime Minister Narendra Modi initiated a project to reintroduce cheetahs back into their natural habitat in India!

We will discuss about the plans and policies of the government, the place from where we brought the cheetahs to India and a whole lot of facts you definitively shouldn’t miss!

It’s a step towards preserving the rich biodiversity of India and ensuring a sustainable future for the country’s wildlife. Listen to the entire episode to know more!

Tune into this podcast with your children and answer the fun trivia we have planned for them towards the end of the episode.

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