The Legend of The Christmas Tree

Anyone can recognise a Christmas tree right? Filled with beautiful ornaments they are truly the symbols of Christmas. Tune in to hear a lovely legend about the Christmas tree and make sure to tell it to your friend! 

There is so much to love about Christmas. 

My favourite part of the season is the various ways in which you can teach your kids life’s lessons — whether it is teaching them about the gift of giving, or being kind to those less fortunate. Or being well mannered and spreading cheer through the month as everyone waits for Santa — there is something for everyone! 

On today’s KSP Radio, we take you through a magical Christmas story that speaks about the legend of a Christmas tree. The story is simple, has a great moral and is perfect for the Christmas season! 

So gather round with your kids and grab that hot chocolate and get yourself all prepared to tune in to storytime on KSP Radio! 

Loved this one? There are more magical stories to tune in to right here! 

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