The Mom Comic Strip About The Real Journey Of Parenting Is The Funniest Thing You Will Read All Day

Why do so many people think having a baby means the end of a mom’s career, job, or even simply doing anything creative?

Why do so  many people think having a baby means the end of a mom’s career, job, or even simply doing anything creative? Well, cartoonist Chelsea Carr was met with the same negativity when she announced her pregnancy. she was told her art would suffer. So to prove her negative friends wrong she decided to create Mom Comic!

Mom Comic is the latest in hilarious parenting comics to take the internet by storm. Her cartoons about cutting baby’s razor sharp nails, and baby proofing once baby starts crawling are spot on and parents all over the world can relate to them.

“I’ve found doing the comic has been a cathartic way to get through the first year of raising a baby,â€_x009d_ Chelsea Carr said. “I hope I make comics other parents can relate to and laugh at. Parenting is hard, but having a good sense of humor helps.â€_x009d_

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parenting_comic strip_kidsstoppress16

parenting_comic strip_kidsstoppress17

parenting_comic strip_kidsstoppress18

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