The Moms Co: Malika Sadani Defines Her Secret To Success As A Mompreneur

Kidsstoppress features a series of successful entrepreneurs in the parenting and childcare segment- the ones who have worked hard to help establish a brand that is helping parents in #SimplifyingParenting and living their dreams.

Kidsstoppress will feature a series of successful entrepreneurs in the parenting and childcare segment- the ones who have worked hard to establish a brand that is helping parents in #SimplifyingParenting and living their dreams.

How do they do it? What is their inspiration? What prompts them to cater to the littlest of their customers in a way that creates an impact? We ask them all of this- that will help inspire fellow moms to think big and follow their footsteps into the world of business and passion. Scroll down to read more about these successful mompreneurs in our exclusive #MomBoss series. 

This week, Malika Sadani, the founder of  The Moms Co- a leading skin care brand and winner of the Best Emerging Skin Care Brand category in KSP Awards, tells us her story of what it takes to be a successful mompreneur. 

When Malika, an MBA grad spent a few years in London, she realised how much attention was spent in sourcing the ingredients for skincare for kids and adults. That's when it dawned upon her, that something as sensitive as one's skin and health- we tend to take it all lightly and let the chemicals slowly and effectively enter our lives. The idea of The Moms Co was born. 

Her daughter was being treated for atopic dermatitis and as a mom, her hunt for natural products-based skincare range was getting tough back home in India. She decided to put in 3 years of research and find out a solution that will suit more Indian moms like her. "I spoke to over 200 moms to realise they too struggled with the same problem and depended on friends and family's travel plan to stock up on their stuff". But what about those who didn't have folks outside India? That was the core group Malika wanted to target with the products at The Moms Co. 

As an entrepreneur, to enter a vastly competitive market as skincare and to win over the trust of parents is definitely not an easy task. How did this mom do it? The key is to stay strong to your ideals, she tells us. "We stand by our motto of “Nature In, Toxins Out” and use only the best of natural ingredients and stay away from everything that is even potentially harmful", she explains. They win the confidence of parents by disclosing the ingredients of every single product and their source of origin on their website so every concerned mom knows just exactly what she is using for herself and her kids. 

From moving on to personal life for an entrepreneur, we ask Malika Sadani the key to her success as a mom and someone running a brand. "I have 3 mantras-discipline, routine and prioritize", she says. We remember from an earlier conversation with Malika, on how entrepreneurs must learn to delegate the stuff among the others so the burden is eased out. "It's important to do things that only you can do and let the others take on the rest.  It makes all of us more effective", she says. That's one thing newbies in the business world must learn more. One thing she never compromises on? An hour of work- out comes the prompt reply. "It helps me stay energised and focus better on the tasks at hand". 

And the balance between home and office? Isn't that a tough thing for moms? We can negotiate with neither and would want 100% of our dedication in both at the same time! Work out your mid-path and stay true to it, she tells us. "I make a point to never miss a school recital or meeting but I have also done an investor meet 3 hours before my daughter’s birthday party." Spoken like a true mompreneur! What is the one biggest learning factor in her experience as an entrepreneur? Perseverance trumps the other factors, she tells us. "There will always be good days and bad days but you never give up!"

There is no textbook route to succeed as a mom and as an entrepreneur says Malika. "In both, no matter how hard the day is you never give up, you are constantly looking out for the best opportunities and both don’t have a standard manual, you create your own manual of success along the way". 

Being the only Indian company to be certified Toxin-Free across its entire range of products from an Australian firm called Safe Cosmetics Australia must be a satisfying note but not without its share of concerns and pressures. And what about the competition? "If there is more than one company trying to solve for the same market, it's great, it gives you an idea of how big/important the market is". We are happy to note that moms like Malika rely on platforms like ours to plan their time with kids- at home and outdoors. "We have made our weekend plans so many times based on their (Kidsstoppress) suggestions", she says with a smile. The validation that moms are loving what you do, by means of a KSP Awards adds so much value to their process and helps them stay motivated says this proud mompreneur. Your word of advice to anyone who is passionate about building a brand? "Make sure you are really passionate about what you are planning to do and then find the right people who will help you grow your idea", she concludes. 


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What The Moms Co does: 

  • Started in 2017 by Malika Sadani and Mohit Sadani. 
  • Based in Gurgaon, with branches in Bengaluru, Delhi and Noida. 
  • Focus on providing effective and safe skincare range for moms and children with a clear focus on using only natural ingredients that don't harm the skin. 

The Moms Co: Website Facebook Instagram 

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