The Most Popular Newspapers & Magazines For Kids In India

Kidsstoppress has a list of newspapers and magazines specifically created for children so they have content created for their age and interest level.

These are the most popular newspapers and magazines for kids in India! Your kids will love them too!

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We often caught our daughter trying to emulate us by peering closely at the newspaper and looking at the pictures. Getting them to read the papers with you each morning is an awesome way to get children interested in what’s happening around the world. The problem is that the daily newspaper is filled with information but most of it cannot be processed by a child. 

So Kidsstoppress has a list of newspapers and magazines specifically created for children so they have content created for their age and interest level. While we have added subscription links to most of them you can pick them up at a newsstand near you.

1. Highlights Genies

popular newspapers and magazines for kids

Highlights Genies is a magazine specially designed for kids aged between 2-6 years of age. It has picture puzzles and activities like making a pizza or pie with step-by-step pictures. Every issue also has bonus pages like cutout cards which can be used for a matching cards game or story cards to make a book. Another version of the magazine for kids aged between 6-12 years is called RobinageHHighlights Champs.
Age Group: 3 – 5 years & 6 – 12 years
Subscribe: Highlight Genies

2. Robinage

Winner of the KSP Awards, Robinage is a children’s fortnightly newspaper that s fun, interactive and engaging for kids that contains fun facts, DIY activities and content about current affairs. Be it moral lessons for kids, cool things to try out or new books to read it is all there in this newspaper. Robinage Junior is a supplement that contains puzzles and activities for kids between the age of 4 – 6 years. 
Age Group: 4 – 12 years
Subscribe: Robinage 

3. Tinkle

popular newspapers and magazines for kids

TINKLE is a fun-to-read 72-page monthly comic magazine, that every parent can remember reading in their childhood! Each issue contains several stories, some revolving around adorable cartoon characters like Ramu and Shamu, Suppandi, Shikari Shambhu that feature regularly in the magazine. Every issue also contains a fascinating science or general knowledge feature, a do-it-yourself craft activity, puzzles, jokes, a book review and features on experiences the young readers have had. 
Age Group: 6 + years
Subscribe: Tinkle

4. Champak

Champak was one of my favorites as a kid. Champak magazine is a children’s fortnightly magazine named after a tropical flower found in India. It contains modern stories for children with a moral tone, comic strips, puzzles, brain teasers and jokes that sets the child’s imagination free.
Age Group: 6+ years
Subscribe: Champak

5. Children’s Digest

childrens digest

The magazine’s wide array of informative, educative and stimulating features like questions, snippets, curious facts, jokes, humorous illustrations and wordplay puzzles, crosswords, quizzes, and brainteasers is what makes it so unique and interesting for young readers who are eager and curious to learn something new. It also has short stories, cartoons, and competitions for kids to participate.
Subscribe: Children’s Digest

6. Beyond Classrooms 

popular newspapers and magazines for kids

A monthly publication of 24 pages that is apt for school-going kids. Talks about the different schools in the city, the teachers the students, their achievements, etc that help inspire fellow kids as well as current affairs and trivia for kids.
Subscribe: Beyond Classrooms

7. The Children’s Post

popular newspapers and magazines for kids

A daily newspaper for kids curated by moms, this one is popular in the parenting community. Started with the notion of getting kids to read a newspaper daily, The Children’s Post breaks down Nationa; and International news along with fun facts for kids in a simple language.  
Subscribe: The Children’s Post

8. Mocomag


A digital magazine for kids started by is a fortnightly magazine for kids. The magazine is very appropriate for kids in this digital-savvy world. It has amazing content which features animated characters and various gaming activities for toddlers.
Subscribe: Mocomag

9. Gokulam

popular newspapers and magazines for kids

One of my favourites as a kid, Gokulam has stories by and for kids with great illustrations and activities catering to kids of all ages. A monthly magazine, Gokulam is a part of the Kalki Publications from Chennai. 
Age Group: 3 and above
Subscribe: Gokulam

10. Sanctuary Cubs 

A bi-monthly magazine for kids, Sanctuary Cubs is India’s first and only nature and wildlife magazine for children. Runner up of the KSP Awards 2017, Sanctuary Cubs is a great choice if you are looking to get your kids into reading more about nature and animals. 
Subscribe: Sanctuary Cubs

11. Wisdom 

One of the most popular choice among parents for an educative monthly digest, Wisdom has been around since our childhood and is a preferred choice if you are looking to improve your child’s vocabulary and general knowledge. 
Subscribe: Wisdom

12.  The Curious Owl

This is a weekly current-affairs newspaper for kids that comes in 16 pages. A venture by moms, The CUrious Owl looks to bring your kids to speed to what’s happening in the world around them. 
Age Group: 7 and above
Subscribe: The Curious Owl

13. NatGeo Kids 

This again is a personal favourite. A monthly magazine, from the National Geographic team, loaded with interesting facts and details on animals, nature and everything in the world with wonderful pictures that kids can relate to. Perfect for ages 6 and up, their posters in every issue are a great keepsake for kids!
Ages: 6 and above
Subscribe: NatGeo Kids 

14. Young World 

As a child, I remember how my Saturday mornings were synonymous with Young World that came with The Hindu newspaper! Now, it has expanded into an educational portal with content, videos and lots more told or kids to learn online and offline. They have subscription packages that come with digital plus magazine combo subscription. 
Age: 8 and above
SubscribeYoung World 

15. Intelly Jelly

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A monthly magazine for kids, Intelly Jelly that deals with various topics for kids such as morals, literature, science, geography, emotional intelligence, grammar and lots more. With 48 pages of rich content for kids from 4-12 years, this one is a great option to consider for your kids. 
Age: 4-12 years
Subscribe: Intelly Jelly

16. Kidsfreesouls

On for more than 2 decades now, Kids Free Souls is a newspaper dedicated to children that parents and teachers also find useful. Ideal for kids aged 5 and above, parents who homeschool their kids find the newspaper very useful. 
Age: 5-15 years 
Subscribe: Kids Free Soul 

17. Kids Age

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