The One Person I Am Grateful To, Especially During This Lockdown

Amidst the tough lockdown times, schools and teachers, in particular, have risen to the occasion and it is time we take note of their service to our kids.

How is it going, mommies? Lockdown 5.0 or Unlock 1.0- frankly has made very little difference in my life I must confess. Amidst my child's cries of boredom or sulking about not getting to play outdoors, if there is one thing that has helped me stay sane during the last 3 months, it has to be my child's school.

In the first 1-2 weeks when we had no clue how things were going to unfold-it did look a little blurry. I was worried about the potential learning loss for my child. And school is not just about the curriculum is it? To get to meet their favourite teacher, to say hello to their friends, to get to learn in a controlled setting- my child was missing all this. But within ten days, I must say, schools across the country put up a learning plan and a timetable to suit children as well as parents, to ensure kids continue their learning, albeit in a different setting.

I was telling my mommy friends circle how I was impressed with the type of curriculum the schools had put together for the kids. Online learning didn't get restricted to Math or English. There was an Arts & Craft class, a Music class and even a Yoga class planned in sequence every day to make sure the kids enjoy the experience and not be forced to sit in front of the computer by the parents. Sharing the laptop amidst work timings was and continues to be one of the challenges for every working parent, but we are getting there, aren't we?

The Real Heroes:

Take a minute mommies to salute the real heroes- the teachers of our children.

  • Every time you crib about having to install another software and then sign up for your child's classes, remember, the teacher (who is more often a parent too!) works more hours on a presentation to share on this complex software- so your kids don't miss out on lessons.
  • If you thought to handle 30+ kids in a classroom setting is a challenge, try coordinating with 30+ eager kids who all want to wish their teachers and talk to them at the same time and to whom the concept of 'muting themselves' is quite lost! I have to give it to the teachers on this!
  • We have all been raising slogans on "no-school-no-fees". Think for a minute about the teachers who have to give it their all for our kids with a probable pay cut or loss of pay amidst all this confusion?
  • And before we see them only as teachers and people responsible for our child's education, think of them as parents too- who have to be battling the same things at their homes too. From organising their child's online class to organising one for kids our kids, the teachers have really turned out to be superheroes this season!

So how are you showing your appreciation for them? It needn't be anything elaborate or complex. From a simple smile to a heartfelt thank you to recognising their efforts would go a long way in boosting their morale. 'Coz let's accept it- they DESERVE it!

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