The One Thing That Is Non-Negotiable For Me

This is something that would not trade for anything else in the world and that is spending quality family time. Here is my non-negotiable thing. What’s yours?

Very soon we will be entering the New Year. Christmas is just around the corner. Funny how an entire year ends, it never fails to surprise me- the way time is flying by. The New Year reminds me of this and the second thing that makes me realise how fast the world is moving is the way my kids are growing up. When Christmas arrives, it makes us all so nostalgic about the past, the way things used to be and the moments that we have lived through that are now merely memories. As the whole family gathers, we get overwhelmed thinking about everything that happened in the year.

Have You Spent Enough Time With Your Kids?

While all of us are trying to pause time and spend time with our family, this time of the year, you try to reflect and wonder if you have spent quality time this year. If you have spent quality time with your kids. For me, there are some things that are non-negotiable… that I won’t miss for the world. They are dropping my kids at the bus stop and tucking them in bed to sleep. These two things may seem simple, but to me and my husband, these moments are the most precious.

Every parent has non-negotiable things like this. What’s yours?

Share this with fellow parents and make them reminisce about their precious family moments this year.

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