The Revival: An Initiative By Fabindia To Stay Vocal For Local!

Those looking to support their endeavour of empowering local communities and help to provide a livelihood will be excited about the Fabindia Revival Sale. Read about it here!

Life as we knew it no longer exists and the new normal is quite different. The past year has been unprecedented in every aspect, and the effects have been felt by all. So many big brands across the world have had to shut shop because they just couldn’t sustain themselves. At a time like this, one Indian brand that has managed to withstand the past year has been Fabindia. 

For most of us when we think of traditional clothing and handcrafted products Fabindia is definitely on the top of our list. You could be looking for Ikats of Odissa or a Bagru block print sari from Rajasthan, an ethnic design rug to adorn your room or a lehenga for your little one to make things special, Fabindia products have always held a special place in all our hearts. And you can find it all under one roof!

Isn’t it true that kids are the centre of our world? At Fabindia, their kidswear has the most vibrant colours, patterns and designs. From toddlers to pre-teens, they cover all your little one’s apparel needs, across all seasons and all occasions!  The kidswear is also part of the Fabindia Revival Sale, so this is your chance to revamp your kids’ wardrobes with striking apparel at stunning discounts and offers!

Doing Your Part

Fabindia is the largest private platform for products that derive from traditional crafts and knowledge. A large proportion of these is sourced from villages across India where the company works closely with thousands of artisans. They are working to revive, sustain and empower local artisans who have worked so hard to maintain their legacy of 60 years.

If you’re looking to support our endeavour of empowering local communities and help to provide a livelihood, you will be excited about the Fabindia Revival Sale! Considering the situation in the world today, we need to work together and support rural communities that give so much to us. This Revival Sale is now live and will be on till 31st March 2021! Fabindia items will be available for purchase at discounted rates.

Now be #VocalForLocal.

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