The Role Of Parents & Teachers In A Child’s Life | Matthew Raggett | Doon School

In this KSP Exclusive, Matthew Ragget, the headmaster of Doon School talks us about how to raise a reader and how it creates a bond in the family, the role of technology in today’s kids and how the kids today need to value what they have more. Tune in and find out what he has to say about the Indian education system and the things he would want to say to an Indian parent as a headmaster

With today's generation, we are always wondering what is right for our child. We know it is important to introduce technology at a very young age, but how much is too much? There is so much competition and our children are exposed to a different world that we just don't know how to raise an early reader anymore. 

Reading is like breathing in and speaking is like breathing out. 

Today, in this #KSPRADIO we are going to talk to Matthew Raggett, the headmaster of Doon School, about how parents and teacher have a very big role in shaping the kids' future.  He speaks to us about teaching children simple values, about how reading creates a bond in the family. We love his thoughts on what he thinks the Indian education system is like and how he wishes to see a shift in that. He also talks to us about which board or curriculum is best suited and how Indian parents deal with competition.

We also speak to him about his book, "How Your Child Can Win In Life" and we love it when he says, "Don't get distracted by the grades in a report card." His solution to this is something that I pondered on and it really made sense to me. What do you think?

Tune in and you are going to love his insights and we loved his answer to our question-" Should we be worried when our kid doesn't know which path he/she is heading towards?". Don't miss the part where he explains the key to raising independent children. 

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