These Are The Books Your Kids Should Be Reading This Summer- Find Out!

This has been our pet project for some time and all the brains have gone into curating the best of the books for your kids for a “Bookalicious Summer”! Happy reading kids!

How does an ideal summer day look like for you and the kids? 

Amidst lemonades and Netflix selection of classics to watch– we have revamped our bookshelf for this summer and I am busy stocking them with new releases and classics as we speak! The little one loves to surround herself with books and makes her pick and sits to read for hours- trying to imitate us! And as a parent- I must confess, I am not complaining! 

But the curation is what makes it a daunting task. I am like a child at Disneyland in a bookstore. I get confused, especially when I have to make a choice for my child. How do I know if it is the right book for her- for age and for her interest? My plight sounds familiar? 

At KSP Book Club, we moms got together to brainstorm and from a list of the best releases, the popular ones, mom reccos and other suggestions- we have created the Ultimate Summer Reading List that your kids will want to access, this summer! Separate lists for each age group- we make sure your tiny tots have enough on their plate to read all through summer. 

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Wow, sounds good! Tell me more about The Ultimate Summer Reading List:

  • Curated book lists for kids aged 2-4, 4-6, 6-8 and 8 and above.
  • From new releases to classics, Indian to International authors- you will find the best here. 
  • From topics on mythology, raising strong girls, to classics to new releases- we have them all in attractive bundles for you. 
  • Sign in, enter your child's age, pay the nominal rate (bundles start at Rs 99 onwards!) and voila! You get access to the curated list of books that your kids will love reading this summer! 


What are you waiting for? Hurry! This has been our pet project for some time and all the brains have gone into curating the best of the books for your kids for a "Bookalicious Summer"! Happy reading kids!

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