This Brand Helps Parents In Raising An Emotionally Intelligent Next-Gen

On #FindItOnKSP, today we tell you about this brand that works on your child’s emotional intelligence

In the parenting market today, thankfully, there is an abundance of resources and products that help kids learn STEM, Arts, Crafts, and even coding before they turn 5! Makes me wonder what I did as a kid, at 5, compared to my little wiz kid today! But are we doing enough to hone their emotional skills? Are we raising them to be emotionally strong individuals? On #FindItOnKSP, today we tell you about this brand that works towards achieving just that. 

The Story Behind Kids EQ Box: 

When Swati Garg, certified practitioner of social-emotional learning and a mom of 2 girls, found her passion for penning poems and stories with values and focus on teaching her girls all about emotions through books, she was surprised and happy with the feedback she received. She sought inspiration to work on this line from her daughters, their daily conversations and her experiences with fellow mommies. The idea to take this to the next step and launch her brand- Kids EQ Box was born. 

What Is Kids EQ Box: 

In essence, Kids EQ Box acts as a one-stop resource that helps work on kids’ emotional intelligence through books, games and other activities, encompassed in a box. As a mom who has grown up understanding kids and their emotions, Swati Garg has worked on each of these boxes as a tool to help kids to understand their emotions better and to learn to accept them and move on. 

They have boxes on Taming Anger, Thumbsucking, Joy To The World, Bonding With Love, Gratitude Box,  and even on Ramayana. Each of these boxes come with a storybook, games and activities and rewards that help motivate the kids. The boxes are priced starting from Rs 250 onwards. 

Their recent book- Raavayana, published by Notion Press, offers a wonderful perspective on Ramayana, albeit narrated from a different angle- with Ravana in the forefront. A reminder to kids on how anger leads to destruction and how Ravana could have handles things better back then! An interesting approach to help kids understand emotions better. Their other recent addition is something we like- 3 Letters From  Bhagwad Geeta- focuses on kids aged 4 and above- to help them understand the teachings of the holy book in a language they will understand. 

Where to buy?

Kids EQ box can be purchased from their social media handles such as Facebook Instagram

So we are saying: 

  • In a world where empathy and kindness will determine the future for our kids, it is always a great idea to start them young through these boxes! These boxes help teach in a fun way, and not preach! 
  • Activity boxes like these are also a great option for parents to bond well with their kids. These activities are not just kid-centric but help parents understand what their kids think through too. 
  • In a market that’s flooded with educational activity boxes, to thin through conceptually on essential skills like this is a welcome move. 
  • Instead of telling our kids that anger is bad or they should not emote themselves, it is essential we teach them that it is okay to feel angry and how we react is what matters. These boxes help do just that. 
  • They are expanding their range and their latest product is targeted at parents- an Emotional Quotient Box for couples focussing on their emotional and physical intimacy. Now that sounds interesting. 


Kids EQ Box: Website Facebook Instagram

This post is written in association with Kids EQ Box.

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