This DIY Spider Web Fine Motor Skills Activity Is So Much Fun!

Incy Wincy spider climbed up the.. homemade web. Try this fun DIY activity with your kids and have some creepy crawly fun while learning.

 Oh Amma, Does Ms Skinny legs need help?ï¸_x008f_ Yes, we call spiders, Ms Skinny legs, just the way Peppa calls them.

Junior is not a big fan of threading but spiders & their webs always amaze my boy. So I thought why not give it a shot!? We decided to make a spider web using things lying in the house. I always teach him concepts while keeping him entertained. Learning becomes so much better and faster when they’re having fun. Don’t you agree?

What Did He Learn

  • More about numbers
  • Improved concentration
  • Helped with fine motor skills
  • Spoke a lot of facts about spiders during the play.

Things You Will Need

  • Cardboard or any thick paper
  • Red pen
  • Paper cutter
  • Black wool
  • Punching machine
  • Black pompom



  • ï¸_x008f_Traced a circle using a plate.
  • Trimmed it using a cutter.
  • Gave a red border using a marker.
  • I did not plan to buy a spider figurine, so decided to use a black pom-pom and cardboard to make one (oops drew 6 limbs instead of 8) which of course caught my son’s attention and he corrected me a few times during the play.
  • Punched few holes using a punching machine and numbered them 1-24, so that he could connect all the numbers and viola, we built a spider web.
  • Tied black coloured wool to a toothpick for him to pierce through comfortably.

Even when this was time-consuming, I was happy he was willing to finish & actually did finish the activity. We did it together. By the end of it, the spider slowly crawled up the finished web with my happy boy’s help.

If you loved this activity and try it with your child, don’t forget to tag us. We love to see kids get excited when they learn something new while having fun!

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