This Is Great For Your Child’s Large Motor Skills When Stuck Indoors

Here’s a brand that will give a glimpse of outdoor fun in your home as well. Do check their products out.

What is the one thing kids are missing in COVID times when you are stuck at home?

School, friends, and most importantly the outdoors. This is taking a toll on our children, and we as parents are feeling helpless at all times. We can replace school with Online school, we can become our children’s friends and think of innovative games at home, play board games, but how can one replace outdoor activities? Recently, on Instagram, we spoke about how resilient our children are, about how we need to stop being selfish and go out, and about because our children are at loss – with no school and no outdoor play. 

We need to be there for our children. 

At Kidsstoppress, our motto is to simplify parenting. We want to bring solutions, so parenting can be made at ease. We want to hold your hand through these tough times. 

We came across a brand Gudgudee which will help parents bring a fraction of outdoor fun into your home. Yes, you can’t bring sunshine, you can’t bring fresh air, but these activities will keep your children busy for hours and make them ditch the screen.

P.S They will be off your back for few hours mommies. (We know how much you need it.) If you want more recommendations that will keep the children engaged, do visit KSP Summer Fun Factory.

What is Gudgudee?


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Gudgudee creates innovative indoor and outdoor play areas that go beyond the typical swings and slides. The brain behind this brand are Anjali Menon and Aditi Agrawal –  alumnae of the National Institute of Design and their vision is to transform play for children. 

Why should you look into this brand?


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  • Macaroon Swing, Ropes & Ladders, Ropes & Pegs, Triangular Ladder, Hanging Loops, and Swing – that you can get for your home. 
  • You don’t need a large home – designed in a way that you can hook and unhook at home as well. 
  • These products will increase muscle strength, works on their balance, improves gross motor skills – grip strength, coordination, agility, increases spatial awareness, develops the core muscles, hand-and-foot coordination. 
  • Each product is made of premium quality pine wood, you can adjust according to the height of your child, the hardware is included, uses the soft rope for better grip. 
  • They also customize outdoor play equipment. The products are sensitive to the age and overall development of the children.

Age: 4 onwards

Price: Rs. 2,934 onwards 

Instagram: Gudgudee

Website: Gudgudee

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