This Mom On Why A Healthy Competition Is The Real Inspiration For A Brand

This week, Garima Agarwal the brain behind Peekaboo Patterns tells us her story of what it takes to be a successful mompreneur on our exclusive #MomBoss series.

Kidsstoppress will feature a series of successful entrepreneurs in the parenting and childcare segment- the ones who have worked hard to establish a brand that is helping parents in #SimplifyingParenting and living their dreams.

How do they do it? What is their inspiration? What prompts them to cater to the littlest of their customers in a way that creates an impact? We ask them all of this- that will help inspire fellow moms to think big and follow their footsteps into the world of business and passion. Scroll down to read more about these successful mompreneurs in our exclusive #MomBoss series. 

This week, Garima Agarwal the brain behind Peekaboo Patterns – one of the trusted names in the world of personalised decor and winner of the Best Kids Decor Furniture category in KSP Awards 2018, tells us her story of what it takes to be a successful mompreneur. 

How did this Kolkata-raised fashion designer set foot in the quiet streets of Chennai after marriage and eventually launch her own successful brand here?

"My passion for aesthetics and kids was the catalyst to start my entrepreneurial journey", says Garima- mom to 2 kids- 4 years and 2 years old. In what started on a small scale from the basement of her home, designing cushions and curtain decor for kids rooms, Peekaboo Patterns is now carving a space for themselves as pioneers in the field. in the field of kids decor and furniture. 


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Customer is the key:

The focus at Peekaboo Patterns is to give the client what they actually want rather than having them choose what's available. With an elaborate design process that pays attention to the smallest of details, Peekaboo Patterns also provides practical parenting tips to help connect with them better. 

"All our products are designed and created consciously with the in-depth knowledge of colours and how it impacts the personality/development of children", says Garima. When we quiz her about the inevitable work-life balance and the dilemma that moms today face- Garima plays it by the book. "It's very important to set rules and equally important that we follow them", she feels. A standard set of visible guidelines, she feels, helps her maintain the work-life balance as a mompreneur. 

Why building a brand is a lot like parenting:

"Never give up and make perseverance and patience your best buddies", tells Garima when we ask her why building a brand from scratch is a lot like raising kids. "The one thing common to building a brand and raising a child is to stock up loads of patience", says this Momma and we can't agree more! And she has wisely used the inputs she receives from her circle of mommy friends into developing the brand and understanding what the consumer is exactly looking for today. And just like any other successful mompreneur, she credits her kids as the biggest inspiration behind the brand. The designs that she creates at Peekaboo Patterns are a reflection of the stories she has narrated to them, she tells us. 

And to have been one of the pioneers in this category for over a decade and a half is challenging enough to spur them towards creating more innovative products that parents and kids will find useful. Design sensibility and practicality in the design and execution process are some of the key strengths of Peekaboo Patterns over their market rivals. 

Being a mompreneur in today's digital era:

Just like any other entrepreneur in this era, Garima can't thank the reach of social media enough that has helped her reach out to her client base and fellow brands and learn more in the process. With more than 16K followers on Instagram, Peekaboo Patterns is surely capitalising on the social media burst in the business world and we can't agree more. When quizzed about the one tip she wants to give to budding mompreneurs, Garima is quick with the reply. "Never give up", she says. 


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When asked about how she balances work and kids, Garima is clear that comparisons don't work and moms needn't be too hard on themselves. "I believe in spending more time in planning ahead and also look to schedule my external meetings during my children's school hours. I have learnt to prioritize, focus on the essential stuff and not be too hard on myself if things don't go as planned", she explains. Isn't that something we often focus too much on? Learn to relax, mommies! And how does one stand out among today's vast competition? How does a brand like Peekaboo Patterns ensure they are on the top of the priority list for every parent today? "The key is in the detailing", Garima explains. And that is clearly reflected in the brand that she has built on and is looking to take to greater heights.


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What Peekaboo Patterns does: 

  • Started in 2005 by Garima Agarwal
  • Based in Chennai
  • Focusses on kids room decor, furnishings, accessories and gifts for kids. 

Peekaboo Patterns: Website Facebook Instagram Twitter 

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