This Nutritionist On What She Believes Is The Right Diet

Suman Agarwal, the celebrity nutritionist = the motivation you are looking for. Here’s what she eats in a day!

"I am never going to go back to the same weight after being a mom".

You often hear moms, especially new moms stressing about all the weight loss. They sign up for various diet plans and different types of workout. But what you really need to do is give your body time to heal and make healthier day-to-day choices. 

Does this sound difficult?

For many, it is extremely impossible. At Kidsstoppress, we wish everyone healthy and fit life – hence we ensure our KSP meal plans are healthy and we recommend exercises that are effective and at home!

Suman Agarwal, the celebrity nutritionist = the motivation you are looking for. What we love about her is she doesn't only talk about food but she also tells us how sleep is important in weight loss and she only eats until she is 80% full.

Here's what she eats on a typical day:


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BreakfastShe starts her day by eating almonds that are soaked overnight, Mint tea. She alternates her mornings alternate between Paneer Toastie, Egg and Paratha, Bhurji and Toas because protein is key in the morning.

Portion control is the key to weight loss

Mid-morning snack – A glass buttermilk, coconut water, fruits or nuts.

Lunch – She sticks to a staple diet of Roti, dal, vegetables and curd.

What is your Tea-time indulgence? – Marie biscuits or Dark Fantasie

Which is your favourite dessert? – Jaggery Rasgulas 

What does your cheat meal look like? Cheese Nachos

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