This One Hack Got My Son To Eat Chickpeas Without Any Complaints

Wondering what to cook, what to shop for – how to get everything done? This tool will have you make life less stressful & you will be able to find some ‘me’ time too.

We know how bad it feels when your child ⁠

▪️ Won’t eat the dinner you made⁠⁠
▪️ Are hungry because they didn’t eat⁠⁠
▪️ Won’t eat food they used to love⁠⁠

I am sure it has happened to you. As a mom my first reaction used to be I’ll make something quickly for him. But that’s not the route to take.

Right now a lot of people are struggling to keep their kitchen up and running while tending to everyone in the house who may not be well. With everyone home and things being chaotic again

Mansi Zaveri, Founder of Kidsstoppress & I have been working on meal plans for the last 5 years and we realized that it was time to revamp it and bring you a product where your family & you don’t need to stress yourself to figure out what to cook every single day, have a handy grocery list of food you should pick up based on what’s in season & arm you with tips and hacks we have learnt from our own experiences and those around us.

So if you know you are having a difficult time figuring meals and spend more time thinking about what took cook rather than cooking actually, then the KSP Meal Plan Subscription programme is what you need. Click here to get access to a world where we simplify your days one meal plan at a time for an entire year – and it’s priced only at Rs 499.

In the LIVE Mansi & I talked about everything you will totally relate to as a parent. We are all in the same boat struggling with similar situations. At Kidsstoppress our goal is to simplify parenting for you – all aspects of it and food is a huge part.

By the way, the hack I used for my son to eat this protein-rich lentil without much fuss works superbly. You can get it at 33.22 minutes of the interview.

Watch the LIVE and trust us when we say YOU NEED THE KSP MEAL PLAN SUBSCRIPTIONS today!!


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