Tips: How To Plan A Road Trip With Kids

Thinking of taking a road trip but not sure how you will manage with your little one? These tips should help make the journey a lot smoother.

For discovering some beautiful paths you need to get on the road. This post is for all those people who love to drive but struggle to gather the courage of road tripping with kids. We have done a lot of road trips since my LO was a year old. And I can confidently say that now we are pro at it. We have also learnt that these little travel experiences really help my little one learn how to observe things and ask questions.

So I thought of sharing my experiences of road tripping with my child with all of you. I hope my below pointers will be helpful:

  • The most important part is to know the duration of the drive. We don’t like to drive more than 10 Hrs with your lil’ one. So if it’s longer than that its better to take a halt and stay in some hotel on the way and continue your journey the next day.
  • I recommend that you start as early as possible so that the major part of the travel is done while the baby is still sleeping and you beat traffic.
  • Load all your stuff in the car on the previous night excluding valuable items like laptop etc. which can be kept in one bag pack and carried in the morning. If you start keeping your luggage in the morning there are 100% chances of your child waking up in a super cranky mood and we know what happens next.

  • We keep one mattress on the gap between the front and back seats. So that baby sleeps comfortably and doesn’t fall when brakes are applied.
  • Carry a cozy blanket and a bedsheet that can be used to cover the back seat

  • Carry car seat if your kid is used to it. In our case, we can’t as she hates that and is not ready to sit on it at all. So choose accordingly.

  • Don’t forget to carry all their favourite snacks and that too in big quantities. I carry a lot of homemade munchies. Candies are always appreciated. It’s OK to let them have some fun too.
  • Keep a few water bottles filled and in the car so that you don’t have to stop again and again for water.
  • Try to take minimal pit stops.
  • For emergencies, download their favourite songs/rhymes on your phone. When I say an emergency that means use it only if required.
  • If your child has motion sickness and your travel has some mountainous path do carry their medicines or whatever is required. Don’t forget to have newspapers and some plastic packets handy for any baby accidents.
  • Child lock both the back seat doors. We know how fidgety they get sitting in a car. 
  • Use removable sun-shields on the windows.
  • As per your child’s interest, you must also carry activities like small puzzles, colouring books etc.
  • Don’t keep anything for travel morning. Finish up everything previous night to avoid a last-minute rush.
  • Keep all essential stuff like wet wipes, eatables, newspaper, a hand towel in a small bag with you.
  • Always put the destination on your map app before leaving as in between internet connection may get lost. The map would work if it’s preloaded.

I hope these tips will be helpful for you. So what are you waiting for, plan a trip soon and get going!!

Happy journey, safe travels and a Happy New Year

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