TIPS | How To Teach Your Child/Baby To Read

Reading books and storytelling is essential for a child’s development. But how can we make them learn how to read early? Spenser Doman talks to us about common mistakes parents make while reading to a child, tips on how to make them read independently and how to inculcate the Doman Method at home. Tune in to this KSP TV where we talk about simple things that you could change in your reading method.

Did you know that you could start working on your child's independent reading skills as early as when he/she is 7 months. I was shocked when I heard this. Is it even possible?

Storytelling and reading to your child is extremely important because it unlocks their world of imaginaiton and makes your child more curious. But many parents don't know which and what kind of books are age-appropriate. The world is moving towards more screen-time, all of us are holding on to this age-old habit of reading

Wondering how to make your child fall in love with books and reading?

Spenser Doman talks to us about how to introduce reading at a very young age using the Doman Method. He talks to us about the common mistakes parents make, how to make your kids love reading, the simple methods that we can start with at home, why it is important to introduce indpendent reading at a young age and a lot more. Tune in and find out how to make these flashcards that would make this process easy. 


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