Tips On How To Allocate Your Time Well With A New Born

We all hate solicited or unsolicited advice but here I’ll be sharing some practical things that may make your first two years a breeze through – a true mother to mother talk. 

When I think of a new mom, I think of a mom who struggles to get her me-time back. I think of women who feel guilty to feel frustrated. You feel wrapped up in a secure cocoon and you have no idea what’s going on in the outside world. Being a mom is one of the biggest transitions because her schedule is dependant on a lovely little one. Sometimes, it feels like time management is like an oxymoron for new moms. But who said you can’t have it all with a newborn around? We all hate solicited or unsolicited advice but here I’ll be sharing some practical things that may make your first two years a breeze through – a true mother to mother talk. 


1. Create a baby-mommy sleep schedule


Sleep deprivation and being a new mom don’t have to go hand in hand. A perfect sleep schedule is very important to get through a day with your child, without being frustrated. It is one of the key reasons for post-partum. Start noting your child’s food and sleep cycle in a journal from day one – try maintaining the same timings as much as you can throughout the year. Disciple yourself and catch up on sleep and rest whilst your baby does the same. Do not take this time to catch up on your phone calls and TV shows, because you never know what your nights are going to look like. A mom that catches up on her sleep is a happy mom ready to take all challenges. 


2. Embrace the power of no


Don’t feel guilty and learn how to say no, even if it may mean the world to you. Added responsibility means less time for yourself and the baby. Prioritize well – and you don’t need to feel guilty if you’re not that mom that check marks all the list that you should be doing for your little one. 


3. Don’t multi-task 


Don’t try to multi-task and get everything done together. Make a priority list and finish tasks one by one. Set attainable goals that keep you sane and productive.


4. Be organized


Doesn’t your day look better when everything is in place and you’re not scattered all over the place?


To start with, always keep the diaper bag ready the night before. Keep 2 extra diapers in the cady with napkins and other essentials ready. Trust me, the more organized you are the happier you will be through the day. Even if you want to sneak out between feeds – keep yourself ready so you can jump out the minute you’re done.


5. Establish sane working hours


Before you accept a new role at work, establish how much you can get done in the time you have – even when it’s a work from home model. Pick your time well and be organized so you can get all your tasks done on time.


6. Ask or Accept Help 


It doesn’t make you a bad mother if you seek or accept help. Prioritize what you want to do for your child and allocate the other things whenever you can. 


7. Get Some Me-time


Me-time is important to all – to be a happy mother, you need to step away from your little one and do something for yourself. Between feeds and nap time, try to squeeze in time for yourself, even if it means getting down and running some errands. If you want to sneak a workout in, find a time that works best for you and just go for it. Even if your child is awake and up about, you make the little one join in and you could bond over it. 

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