Tips To Help Your Preschooler Adjust To School

Is your child going to start school soon? Worried how they (and you) will manage it all? These tips should help make the transition easier.

Your little one will be taking that milestone step and starting “big” school. It’s going to be scary as well as an exciting time for the parents and the child. The key to any kind of transition is patience and consistency, especially with the little 3-4-year-olds who are preparing for this new phase. 

Some of the issues parents will face are:

  • Separation anxiety: Separation anxiety can cause a small child to cry, act withdrawn, or have emotional outbursts while under a teacher’s supervision.
  • Interacting with other kids: Some children are naturally outgoing and make new friends easily, while others are shy and intimidated in the presence of peers. 
  • Following a routine: Young children who are not used to following a schedule at home may have a difficult time adapting to the daily school routine. 

Starting school is going to be a big adjustment – for the child and the parents – so we have some tips to help you make a smooth transition.

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