Toys That Work Wonders For Children On The Autism Spectrum

Kidsstoppress has compiled a list of toys that have proved to work wonders aiding in the development of certain skills for autistic children. Scroll down and don’t forget to share it with a parent who will find it useful. 

Toys come in all shapes and sizes and as parents we are well aware of just how fast we can fill our homes with toys!

Toys can be a great way to help children with motor development, concentration, word recognition, cognitive development and so much more. Toys go a long way in aiding in therapy for children on the Autism spectrum. They help cover a wide range of developmental issues dealing with la gauge development, visual learning, and even motor skills.

Kidsstoppress has compiled a list of toys that have proved to work wonders aiding in the development of certain skills for autistic children. Scroll down and don’t forget to share it with a parent who will find it useful. 

1. Fine motor strength development bundle hand and finger strength tasks.  

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Description: This kit works on a number of motor skills. The kit includes a small reservoir cup, tweezer tongs, slime, play foam and so many other items. This is a complete sensory and fine motor development kit that can be used a number of times. 

2.Autism Led Fiber Optic Lace Multi-Sensory Adaption Environment 

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Autism Led Fiber Optic Lace Multi Sensory_for kids_kidsstoppress

Description: This multi-sensory calming environment is portable and battery operated. Take this along with you to create a calming and soothing environment anywhere for your child.

3.Manhattan Toy Skwish Classic

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Manhattan Toy Skwish Classic_for kids_kidsstoppress

Description: Skwish is a classic, instantly recognizable, an intriguing blend of ingenious design and developmental function. The geometrical shape and interconnecting wooden dowels provide endless hours of fascination and have been known to help those on the spectrum with gross motor development.

4. Photo Conversation Cards for Children With Autism and Aspergers Board Game

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 photo conversation cards_for kids_kidsstoppress

Description: Flashcards and conversation cards repeatedly help those on the spectrum associate and articulate what they are feeling.

5. Melissa & Doug Vehicles Sound Blocks

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Description: Hear the sounds of six favorite vehicles when the two wooden cubes are properly placed in the wooden tray. Fire engine and steam train are among the featured vehicles in this match and listen activity. The realistic sounds act as lively encouragement when children put together the halves that match.

6. Fidget Toy Bundle Occupational Therapy, Asd, Autism, Sensory Toys Busy Bag

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 Fidget Toy Bundle Occupational Therapy- for kids_kidsstoppress

Description: This kit includes six fidget toys that can be used for occupational or physical therapy. These toys are especially helpful for those children who can’t sit still and have trouble focussing. These toys help with strengthening hand muscles and building fine motor skills.

7.New 156 Color Picture Exchange Communication (Pecs) Book 4 Children With Autism

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New 156 Color Picture Exchange_for kids_kidsstoppress

Description: This picture exchange communication (PEC) bundle is perfect to work with on speech therapy. Each binder contains a sentence strip and his its own category and label. The PEC book contains eight categories. including common emotions and sign language.

8. 30 Jumbo Lacing Beads with String & Tote – Montessori Preschool Toys Fine Motor Skills Autism OT

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30 Jumbo Lacing Beads with String & Tote_for kids_kidsstoppress

Description: Jumbo Lacing Beads are a good way to learn colours, shapes, and even work on fine motor skills.

9. Fidget Dodecagon -12 Side Fidget Toy Cube Relieves Stress and Anxiety Anti depression cube

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Description: This latest addition helps keeps the mind and fingers of kids occupied with its 12 sides that include Gears, Buttons, Switch, Soothes, and Stress Balls, Disk, Silicone balls, Joystick etc. Helps relieve stress and keeps kids occupied for longer. 

10. Rectangular Liquid Motion Timer Toy for Sensory Play

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Description: This relaxing bubble motion toy helps kids with ADHD and Autism to calm down and stay focused for a longer period of time. Also works as a stress reliever for kids and adults. 

11. Fat Brain Toys Suction Kupz

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Description: Made of silicon, they are versatile and ideal for open-ended and sensory play. Kids can keep themselves busy by placing these suction cups absolutely anywhere- from the floor to the walls. 


12. Fat Brain Toys Timber Planks 300 Piece Set

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Description: With an endless set of 300 pieces, this is an ideal addition for kids to help stay focussed and calm as they build blocks and structures of various shapes and sizes. 

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