Trendy, Ultra Cool Rain Gear For Kids You Must Get Your Hands On This Monsoon

Skip Hop Bee UmbrellaShop For: Rs 799/-RaincoatsDuck Style Children Polyester Raincoat – Yellow1. Zeel Purple Tom & Jerry Imprint PVC Unisex Raincoat For kidsShop for: Rs. Zoo Raincoat DogShop for: Rs 1,449/-Description: Flaunt your love for animals with this adorable line of raincoats! Batu Lee Princess Barbie 15 inch Pink Waterproof Trolley Hybrid Children’s BackpackShop for: Rs. Robot Rain BootsShop for: Rs.599/-Description: These super adorable robot boots will make your child want to run out in the rain! Yellow Cutest Baby In The World Rain BootsShop for: Rs 539/-Description: Fancy a cow shoe? Yellow Lotus rain bootsShop for: Rs 1.699/-Description: Quirky, adorable and oh so comfortable!

Summer is almost over and you know you must spend the last few days of summer shopping for the coolest rain gear of 2016 for the kids. Raincoats, umbrellas, galoshes, waterproof bags are all a must have for the season. As parents, we all know just how busy we are and how terrible traffic is the minute we head outside. So we make it real simple for you and save you the trouble of heading from store to store to shop!

Here are the hottest umbrellas, raincoats and galoshes for this year! Make sure you check them all out and just click on the link to shop!

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1.  Sun Brand Candy Yellow Kids Umbrella
Shop for: Rs. 325/-



2. Umbrella for Kids Shark
Shop for: Rs. 3138/-




3. BonZeal Banana Shaped Yellow Umbrella
Shop for:
Rs. 999/-



4. Disney Spider-Man Umbrella for Kids
Shop for:
Rs. 7194/-



5. Minnie Mouse Molded Handle 
Shop for:
Rs. 1908/-


6. Wise Guys Printed Cute Single Fold Umbrella for Kids – Multi Color
Shop For:
Rs 399/-


7. Skip Hop Bee Umbrella
    Shop For: Rs 799/-


Duck Style Children Polyester Raincoat – Yellow
1. Shop for: Rs. 1299/-


Description: Adorable little yellow raincoat for kids that they will fall in love with! Material: 100% polyester, non-PVC plastic, soft and comfortable to wear 

2. Mayur Disney Print Kids Raincoat (Small)
Shop for:
Rs. 330/-

This raincoat from the house of Tarun Traders manufactured by ace Raincoat Manufacturer “Mayurl” is made of poly plastic and comes in multicolour. Its attributes includes 65 cm to 70 cm in length, long sleeve and regular fit.

3. Zeel Blue Barbie Imprint PVC Raincoat For Girls
Shop for:
Rs. 399/-

Description: A favourite with little girls, this Barbie raincoat is sure to brighten dreary monsoon days.


4. Zeel Purple Tom & Jerry Imprint PVC Unisex Raincoat For kids
Shop for:
Rs. 649/-

Description: This unisex raincoat has a Tom & Jerry print on it and is sure to be a hit with your kids. Its high quality fabric will keep them dry even during heavy rainfalls. It also has extra space for bag at the back. 

5. Zoo Raincoat Dog
Shop for: Rs 1,449/-



Description: Flaunt your love for animals with this adorable line of raincoats!

Waterproof Bags

1. Happy Kid Minion Waterproof Multipurpose Bag
Shop for:
Rs. 4089/-

Description: A minion fan? Then this is the bag for your child! Super cute and super spacious, this baf is made of durable plastic. The bag even has tiny wheels so they can drag it easily.

2. Princess Barbie Pink Waterproof Children’s/ Girls Backpack
Shop for:
Rs. 579/-

Description: The bag is perfect for school and has a zipper closure type and hybrid shell type. Also perfect for those monsoon vacations.

3. Batu Lee Princess Barbie 15 inch Pink Waterproof Trolley Hybrid Children’s Backpack
Shop for:
Rs. 1144/-

Description: Batu Lee brings cute little backpacks with extendable handle for school kids. This backpack is stylish, colorful, trendy and highly durable. It is made of water repellent fabric and comes with padded shoulder straps for additional comfort.

Galoshes/ Rain Boots

1. Paean Women’s Pink PVC Boots
Shop for:

Description: These two tone boots are perfect for the weather and have a PVC lining both inside and outside. These soft jelly wellies are suitable for rains . These can even be worn with socks.

2. Handle It Rain Boot Kids by Crocs


Description: Every child loves crocs and these galoshes scream monsoon! They will love the bright colours too!

3. Robot Rain Boots
Shop for: Rs.599/-

Description: These super adorable robot boots will make your child want to run out in the rain! The colour is so bright and cheerful there will be no more dull, rainy days!

4. Yellow Cutest Baby In The World Rain Boots
Shop for: Rs 539/-

Description: Fancy a cow shoe? Surely who wouldn’t! These rain boots are perfect for the monsoons!

5. Yellow Lotus rain boots
Shop for: Rs 1.699/-
Description: Quirky, adorable and oh so comfortable! Your little girl will be the envy of everyone when she steps out in these rain galoshes!

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