Tried & Tested Tips For Moms Raising Picky Eaters

We have all struggled with meal times woes when it comes to our kids. Swipe left to know what has worked for moms with their kids!

Some people are blessed with kids who eat everything that is put in front of them without any fuss. And then there are those who have to constantly cajole, coax, sometimes threaten their kids to get them to finish what’s put on the plate. Most of us have had our fair share of being in the second category at some point at least. Kids tastes are changing constantly so getting to eat actually feels like you’re going into battle on most days. 

Yes, I am also that mom who has made green rotis and pink dals and wished secretly that there was this injection that would just take all the nutrients required for my child’s growth straight into their bloodstream.

When I asked my doctor why does my child throw a tantrum over the food he just gave me one advice – children always throw tantrums because they want attention, give them that attention and the tantrum will be resolved. Maybe your child wants you to feed her because she is looking at that as time spent with you.

Isn’t this so relatable? I am not saying that my child is now not a fussy eater, but they definitely have a healthier relationship with food. 

Taking that advice forward, here’s something that worked for me:

1. I created a positive environment and I respected her opinion on what she liked and didn’t like.
2. I started to get my child involved in the kitchen so she could be excited about what was getting cooked.
3. Started meal prepping so that I come up with innovative easy ideas. The KSP Meal Plan was of great help. You can’t come up with new things to excite the kids every day. But the KSP Meal Plan Subscription Programme can be just the lifesaver you need. For just Rs 499 you get meal plans for the Indian family all year round. Click here to know more. 

4. Let the kids learn to identify what they like, what is the texture of that ingredient and what makes it special.
5. Always make them try traditional food recipes, Cook it for them and let them savour it. I exposed them to all the dishes I grew up eating because that food is special to me and brings back those memories for me. 

Some Don’ts That I Follow

1. Don’t try to over-complicate food and don’t give food that you wouldn’t eat.
2. Don’t try to fool the kids by sneaking in veggies.
3. I avoid using the screen while eating because it may be an easy quick solution, but it negates the relationship with food. 

So we asked and we received. Fellow moms have shared how they handle mealtimes with their kids. Scroll down to see what they had to say!

How do you deal with picky eaters in your family?

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