Twinkle Khanna’s Guide To Raising Young Readers

Just what does it take for our kids to fall in love with reading? Is there a secret trick that other successful moms employ? It’s actually very simple. A few changes to your daily routine- and tada! You will soon be on your way to raising a bookworm!

What does it take to raise a bookworm? How do we get our kids to fall in love with reading? The husband and I love reading and we assumed it would come only naturally for our li’l girl. But it isn’t as easy as we would think. With a world of distractions like gadgets, games and television to pull them away from books, it is up to us, as parents, to keep reinventing our strategies in our mission to raise young bookworms! 

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Bollywood’s wittiest super mom, Twinkle Khanna, an avid reader, often posts about her reading experiences, books she likes and how she is raising her children to fall in love with books as well. Here is her simple guide for kids to fall in love with books and the art of reading. 

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The pointers she shares are easy to follow: 

1. Make it fun, take turns reading lines, put on strange accents, goof around

2. Take them to bookstores and libraries

3. Let them pick what they like

4. Be a reader yourself 

Simple things like spending a few minutes every night, reading with/to them can help them develop a lifelong love for reading. Isn’t that what we want as parents too?!

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