Unboxing KSP’s Mindfulness Box | Games To Build Emotional Intelligence In Kids

The monsoons mean a lot of indoor games. The new games that are on the block will teach your children one of the most important 21st century skills – Emotional Intelligence. It will help your child to respond to complex emotions like anger and will teach them to manage their emotions right from an early age. Through these games, your child will also learn breathing exercises, creative tasks, social and physical activities, on how to deal with penalties to bad manners and bonus points for good manners. All you need to do is go to our shop section or call 7045900890 and you can teach these concepts in a fun way!

The monsoons put an end to a lot of the outdoor activities and we often find our children saying 'I am bored' and we just don't know what new to introduce to them. Monsoons also mean a lot of quality time spent at home and board games become our new best friend. 

Boardgames are a great way to introduce life-long skills, they offer early learning opportunities, it boosts language skills, soothes anxiety and lots more. Apart from all the skills, I love to introduce board games to my children because it's a great way to spend time with your family! The winning and losing make it a fun experience. 

Today on KSP TV, we are going to talk about the Mindfulness Box which consists of two games by Toiing – Angy Slayers and Snakes and Manners. These games help you manage complex emotions from a very early age. This game helps build emotional quotient in a way that they can understand. They will also understand the concept of good and bad behaviour and the consequences of their actions. Doesn't this excite you?

Shop here and you are going to love this indoor board game! Don't forget to check all the perks you get with our #KSPCodeCard.

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