Valentine’s Day Relationship Timeline: Love, Couples, Marriage, Kids, Excuses…

A mom gets it bang on in her dissection of how Valentine’s Day changes once you bring in the little ones to the world!

The husband and I never really celebrated Valentine’s Day  but always exchanged cards or kept it simple with a dinner but post baby we have felt the need to seize this opportunity to have a night out! For some reason V-Day seems like a big deal after having kids! Do you agree? So this Valentine’s Day we take a look at what the day means to a couple pre and post baby.

1.Wishing your partner on Valentine’s

Pre-kids: Saying it with a bouquet of stunning red roses!

Post-kids : Make sure to set a reminder on my phone for tomorrow, what if I forget to wish him?

2. Best Valentine message


Pre-kids : Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet but not as sweet as you.

Post – kids: Roses are red, violets are blue , I will love you more if you clean that baby poo.

3.What to gift on Valentine’s day 

Pre-kids: Flowers, chocolates, cuddly pink bear.

Post-kids: None of the above, as kids and chocolates don’t go well, flowers die soon and no, not another teddy bear to add to our daughter’s overflowing collection of soft toys.

4.Catching a Valentine’s day special on TV


Pre-kids:  Watching a romantic flick on TV- DDLJ, DTPH, Kuch Kuch Hota hai,Jab we met.

Post-kids: Sleeping beauty, Cinderella, Rapunzel, Snow White, all of these princesses meet their  prince charming in the end.

5.Where to dine on Valentine’s day

Pre-kids: A romantic dinner at a restaurant overlooking the sea

Post-kids: In the kitchen,thinking of how to sneak in more veggies for my kids!

6.What to wear to a Valentine’s day party?

Pre-kids: The LBD or a sexy outfit that is sure to make me the envy of the party!

Post-kids: Pick up whatever hides my post pregnancy belly and my unwaxed legs perfectly.

7.Dressing up on Valentine’s day

Pre-kids : A good 30-45 minutes to do my make up and hair

Post-kids: 35 minutes co-ordinating my daughter’s outfits with her shoes and accessories, 10 minutes for my shower+makeup+hair.

8. A song dedication on a long Valentine’s night

Pre- kids: Walk the Moon’s hit song Shut Up and Dance with me!

Post -kids:  Shut Up and go to sleep sung in our heads as we will our kids to go to sleep.


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