Vani Murthy | Nothing Is Waste. If Something Is Torn, Re-use It

Vani Murthy, the the founding Member of Solid Waste Management Round Table talks to us about actionable tips towards sustainability.

Earlier, in lockdown, I remember the fad of playing with pop its, and everyone at home obsessing over it. We kept indulging in the toy which came in different forms, and sizes. If you think about it, how many pop its do you really need? Why did we buy so many when all of us could share? This toy did invade my home, and now this fidget toy that is made of silicone and plastic, is just waste lying around unattended. After reading facts about waste management in India, I was stumped.

Mumbai’s Deonar landfill is Asia’s largest dumping ground. It is as big as 268 football fields – a fact shared in a report by Xynteo Vikaasa & Hindustan Lever

I wondered, what is my contribution to the waste? Why have I not introduced these concepts to my children? Where did my waste disappear when I don’t think of it as any use? Will I be able to make a change when things around me have gotten so bad? Will my children adapt to this lifestyle?  

We need to make this change now. We need to make the world a better place because our children don’t have an alternative planet to live in

Here’s how is addressing this issue, India’s leading parenting platform collaborates with Hindustan Unilever, SBI, Vikaasa with Xynteo – on a special zero waste management podcast series. Here we will be educating our eco-warriors on how to manage their waste. We are going to share actionable tips, tricks that will help us make that shift in our lifestyle.

In this second episode of The Waste No More Podcast Series, Vani Murthy, the founding Member of Solid Waste Management Round Table, and the composting enthusiast talks to us about her journey towards slow life. She is a 60-year-old “Worm Rani” who is inspiring youngsters to compost and manage waste sustainably. Her fan base is rapidly growing thanks to her friendly demeanor, positive vibe and oodles of information on waste management, composting and sustainability that she shares through IG Reels and other video formats.

2000 tonnes of mixed waste makes its way to the ocean from Mumbai daily, and we need to address this issue! 

It’s been 8 or 10 years since I asked for a tissue. I use my own it’s always there in my bag small cocktail napkin that I put it to wash and Comes back like my clothes. – Vani Murthy 

Now that’s food for thought.

She also talks to us about:

  • How plastic stays on the planet and how it breaks down into microplastics. 
  • Why it is important for us to use hand-me-downs and how this simple tradition would help the environment 
  • What compositing is and why is it important
  • How two generations ago, they produced less waste and how it went back into the soil
  • Actionable tips on how to make a switch to a slower life. 
  • And more… 

When I compost every day I feel I’m paying rent to live on this beautiful planet, I feel gratitude, she’s given me everything I needed to live on this planet. – Vani Murthy 

Listen to the entire podcast to know how she does it so seamlessly, and don’t forget to check out our previous episode with Pragya Kapoor where she reduces her waste from 75 Kgs to 7 Kgs.

P.S Don’t forget to participate in the quiz and educate yourself with the curriculum! The winners will be announced in the next episode!

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