Vanika Choudhary | The Founder Of Sequel On Hypnobirthing & What She Eats During Her Pregnancy

In this KSP Exclusive, Vanika Choudhary talks to us about why she opted for Hypnobirthing. She talks to us about the benefits of hypnobirthing and how is she prepping her for birth. She also lets us in on her diet plan during pregnancy and how she has managed to stay fit and healthy through her pregnancy.

How many of you have thought of opting a different birthing choice? Like, Water Birthing. 

Many of us don't even know what it means. We look at mommy recommended gyaecs and do as we are told but fail to research the other healthier options. Yes, we have spoken about how everyone has a different birthing story and just don't know how to stay fit when they are pregnant. What we really need to do is watch what we eat and debunk the myth that we are eating for 2. 

Today, On KSP TV, we spoke to Vanika Choudhary, the founder of the restaurant Sequel about her birthing choice – Hypnobirthing. She talks to us about how she has created a bond with her child before the child is born through this process, how she talks to this child, does relaxing exercises and says positive affirmations. She tells us about how she has ensured that her diet plan has 75% organic vegetables. 

Sounds undoable? Tune in and find out what Vanika has to say about Hypnobirthing and how to stay fit when you are pregnant. 

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