Walk To Raise Awareness For Children’s Disabilities By Ummeed

Each year, a group of people from diverse locations, professions, ages, and interests converge to walk for a cause on a weekend in January.

Did you know?

There are over 52 million children in India with developmental disabilities and over 650,000 in Mumbai alone. Sadly, not even 25% of this number gets access to quality care.

Ummeed, meaning hope in Hindi, believes that every child has hope and believes in families.  This organization works to create a more inclusive world, where all children can reach their maximum potential and be integrated into society.  

The 55 Km Walk:

Each year they organize their flagship event – the 55 Km Walk for Ummeed in Goa to raise awareness and fund their work in the child development and disability space through four verticals – Clinical Services, Training, Research and Advocacy.

What Is Ummeed?

Ummeed has a dedicated Training Facility to extend its reach to the at-risk and undiagnosed children in the community through training professionals and partner organizations.  They also engage in Research and impact measurement and have an active voice in Advocacy in the disability space.

Tell Us More!

  • Each year they organize a flagship event – the 55 Km Walk for Ummeed in Goa. 
  • The next walk will take place on January 12, 2019. 
  • Each walker is expected to raise Rs. 2 lakhs for the organization and due to the unending efforts of the volunteers, they easily surpass the target too, for children's development!

The route for ‘The Walk’ is along one of the loveliest beaches in South Goa.  With an early morning start and a gorgeous sunrise, 3 1/2 hours to the northern tip and back for lunch at the Taj Exotica.  The final stretch ends with an amazing sunset, pleasant temperatures and a huge sense of achievement. 55 km sounds like a lot, and at one level it is, but with practice, will-power and companionship, it is possible! 

There are other options such as the 33 km (to the northern tip of the beach and back to Taj Exotica) and the 15-25 km option (walk 8-12 km north and back).

In 2018 they had 77 walkers join them in this noble cause, with a special contingent of children who enthusiastically participated and raised funds for Ummeed.

For many ‘The Walk’ is certainly a life-changing event, offering a chance to walk and get fit, raise funds for an organization that is working to improve lives of children with disabilities, meet people and form connections. 

Contact: [email protected]

Phone: 22 62488100, 9920425710



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