Want A Clean House This Diwali? Bookmark This List Of Cleaning Agencies In Mumbai

Everyone wants their homes to sparkle during Diwali and they want to welcome Goddess Lakshmi. So with a little help from these cleaning professionals, you can have your house spick and span in a day. This list has agencies that cover all parts of Mumbai so pick one that suits you.

Diwali is almost upon us and all across India houses are being cleaned and polished to get ready to welcome Goddess Lakshmi, prosperity and good fortune. It may be a task to clean the whole house by yourself! And so, these cleaning agencies can really be a lifesaver.

Did you know that there is actually a scientific reason behind the cleaning of houses before Diwali?

Since Diwali normally falls between mid-October to mid-November, right after monsoons end, the cleaning makes sure all the germs and infestations that monsoons brought with them get eradicated with the cleaning and painting of the house. Most of us follow these customs blindly, but they are very logical reasoning that most of us are not aware of.

We’ve put together a list of agencies in Mumbai that can help you with your Diwali cleaning this year.

Here Is A List Of The Best Cleaning Agencies:

Urban Company

Urban Company is recognized as one of the fastest-growing startups in India. They are a mobile marketplace for local services. They have special Diwali cleaning services like – Home Deep Cleaning, Bathroom Deep Cleaning, Kitchen Deep Cleaning and Sofa Cleaning. They also have loads of other services they offer in just about every department.

Website: Urban Company
Social Media: Urban Company


At Housejoy, Diwali cleaning is made easier with their trained staff working hard to ensure your house is sparkling before Diwali. The services they offer cover deep home cleaning, plumbing, carpentry, pest control and much more, all at your time & convenience.

Contact: 8033512156

Website: Housejoy
Social media: Housejoy

3H Health & Hygiene

They use a three-step cleaning and sanitizing process to get your house sparkling -specialized and custom-made HEFA filter high power vacuuming, treatment with UVC sterilization, and an anti-allergen non-toxic natural sanitizing spray that is not harmful to humans or pets. 3H also provides additional suggestions that help improve conditions in the home and reduce allergenic symptoms.

Contact: 9773434333

Website: 3H

Social media: 3H


Hicare provides professional, safe and fast home cleaning solutions to give a “good as new” feel to your home. They use trained technicians and the latest technology, techniques and equipment for this.

Contact: 39889988

Website: HiCare
Social media: HiCare

Dial 4 Clean Home

Dial4CleanHome.com offers housekeeping services, house cleaning services, sofa & carpet cleaning services, floor care, car cleaning services in Mumbai & Pune. 

Contact: 9920561736 

Website: dail4cleanhome

Social media: dail4cleanhome


Karmaz provides services like housekeeping, pest control, gardener & landscaping and home & office cleaning services. Their home cleaning services include carpet & sofa shampooing, steam cleaning, leather polishing, marble buffing/polishing & factory cleaning etc.

Contact: 32020985, 7021567433, 9987310162

Website: Karmaz


Kleansite Hospitality Services specializes in Deep Cleaning Services for homes to include Bathrooms, Windows, Floors, Kitchens and Bedrooms, and Shampooing of Upholstery and Carpets. They have the latest machines, specialized chemicals and tools. 

Contact: 2300 2712 / 2854

Website: Kleansite

Social media: Kleansite


Kleenwell is a facility management company which is a one-stop solution for all your facility needs. Kleenwell offers a wide range of services to cater to any and every requirement and they include home & office cleaning, industrial cleaning, and carpet & upholstery shampooing.

Contact: 26419570 

Website: Kleenwell

Social media: Kleenwell

A-1 Services

A1 Services gives professional home cleaning services to your Home. All our professional home cleaning services experts are heritage established and geared up with ultra-modern equipment and chemical substances to ensure that your home is left spotlessly clean and sanitized. Prefer a vast variety of home cleaning services starting from deep home cleaning, kitchen, window, washroom, Sofa, Chair, carpet cleaning and a whole lot more sanitisation Services.

Website: A1services

Social media: a1cleanservices

Contact: 9820284984 / 9820284993

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