Watch Michelle Obama’s New Children’s Show On Netflix – Waffles + Mochi

Michelle Obama is launching a Netflix children’s food show with a pair of puppets “to bring a bit of light and laughter to homes around the world.”. Don’t miss it!

Do you love food?

Do you love puppets?

Do you love Michelle Obama?

If your answer is yes to all 3 then you are in for a treat – March 16th, 2021

Michelle Obama, the former first lady is getting her own Netflix show this March featuring two very adorable muppet friends, Waffles and Mochi.

What Is The Show Going To Be About?

  • According to Netflix, Waffles and Mochi are best friends who used to live in The Land of Frozen Food while pursuing their shared dream to become chefs. However, everything they cooked was made of ice, that is, until grocery owner, Michelle hires them.
  • The 20-minute episodes will combine live-action and puppets, and Michelle Obama will be a part of it. 
  • The show will highlight the importance of home-cooking over ready meals.

Michelle Obama says adults will love it, too — Michelle, Waffles, and Mochi go on international adventures that are centred around cooking, global ingredients, and cultural experiences that revolve around food.

Michelle Obama wrote on Instagram

Allow me to introduce two new friends of mine: Their names are Waffles and Mochi. And on March 16, we’ll be launching a new children’s show on @Netflix called Waffles + Mochi. It’s all about good food: discovering it, cooking it, and of course, eating it. These two will take us on adventures all around the world to explore new ingredients and try out new recipes. Kids will love it, but I know that adults will also get plenty of laughs—and some tips for the kitchen.”

“In many ways, this show is an extension of my work to support children’s health as first lady — and to be quite honest, I wish a program like this had been around when my girls were young.”

Be sure to catch the first season with your family when it hits Netflix next month 

When Does It Release: March 16th, 2021

Where: Netflix

Watch the trailer for Waffles + Mochi


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