[Watch Now] Webinar: Online Education For Children- A KSP Exclusive

Watch the full webinar to know what the experts discussed regarding online education and how we can make it a seamless learning process for our children.

At the outset, thank you, parents! 

We at Kidsstoppress have always believed we need to address issues that resonate with parents and help bring out the clarity when needed. In our bid to help in #SimplifyingParenting we organised this exclusive webinar with a stellar panel of speakers to help understand what the fuss is all about against online education, should we endorse it or not and what should working parents do at this stage. And the overwhelming response we have received from parents just reiterates how important this topic is.  More 1200 parents had registered for this webinar on "Redefining Classrooms: Is Online Education A Boon Or A Bane".

Here are some of the key takeaways: 

Dr Swati Popat Vats nailed it when she said how online education isn't the object of contention but the 'ban' is the real 'bane'! 



Dr Samir Dalwai drove home the point that the COVID19 situation has led to many innovations in the education sector and we must credit the schools for helping children with seamless learning. Regarding screen time he reiterated that screentime for entertainment continues to be the bigger evil than when for useful educational purposes.


Fatema Agarkar drove home the point that blended learning has been followed for many years now and this is not a new concept. We must focus on the fitness and well being of the child during these tough times and innovate each day as this is a continual learning process, she said. 

Moderator Mansi Zaveri raised the question on what kids actually want during a tough time like this amidst all the govt guidelines, rules and school notices. 

If you missed watching the webinar, go ahead, scroll down to view it now. This is a conversation everyone ought to listen. And if you have any comments on this topic, feel free to write to us below- we are listening! 


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