Watch This If You And Your Kids Just Don’t Agree With Rules!

Mansi Zaveri, the founder of Kidsstoppress talks to Rj Navneet about rules in a family and mistakes parents should avoid making.

Rules without relationship is rebellion – Andre Agassi

This quote has made me think about a lot. As parents, we end up in a spiral where we say "no" very easily. We have so many rules, without discussing them with our children. We have no definition of what is "normal" for our family. 

How often do you say:

"Do your homework fast or I won't give you…"

"Make sure you eat everything that is on your plate…"

"I can't keep chasing you to do your homework…"

Don't worry, this is most of us. Sooner, but later, I realized that kids have to be tackled differently. It is like a mind-game. Don't call your boundaries rules. If you make it fun, you make it a ritual, kids would always listen. 

Watch the entire video on how Mansi Zaveri, the founder of Kidsstoppress talks to RJ Navneet about rules in her family, how she tackles it, and how she knew she couldn't compare her expectations from her family to other households. 

Listen to the entire conversation Mansi Zaveri had with RJ Navneet on our podcast.

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