Not Just Music: Teaching Kids The Significance Of India’s National Anthem

We’ve been singing this song for years and years. But do you know what it means? Listen to the entire episode to learn the beautiful meaning of our National Anthem.

National Anthem: Jana-Gana-Mana…

Schools, theaters, parades or the Olympics... This song never fails to lift our heads up with pride. When we hear our national anthem being played, a sense of patriotism automatically washes over us. I still remember how proud I felt, back in school, when I saw our National flag being hoisted on Independence or Republic day, while we sang the anthem. Truly such a joyous moment! We have sung this song so many times, I’m sure you know every word at the back of your mind! But…

What Does The National Anthem Mean?

This simple song has such deep meaning in each and every word! We all sing these words numerous times and yet most of us don’t know what it truly means. But don’t you worry! That’ll soon change. In this episode of I Am Not Bored- We are learning exactly this!

In this episode we learn:

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