Weekly Planner For Kids – Activities, Story Time & More. Download Here

These 7 planners are what you need to stay sane and keep the kids busy during the lockdown.

We have been home and practising social distancing for a while now. Officially we still have at least 2 more weeks of this ahead of us. 

Social distancing has thrown a spanner into everyone’s lives – kids and adults alike. Most of you are trying to keep your day job going as best you can and keep everything on track from that perspective, while also trying to ensure that your child stays safe and well.

We can all sense the unspent energy building up in our kids. This is the energy that is usually expelled through school break times, interactions with her friends, and after school and evening sport or other activities.

So, what can we do to keep ourselves and our children sane as we apply this principle, and pull together for public health? Let the KSP Daily Planner guide you and help you structure your child’s day so they know what they can do all day and you can organize your own day better.

We’ve put a week’s planner together for you so you can see how you want to make your child’s day exciting.


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