What Books Do Your Kids Love To Read?

List out your child’s favourites with us!

On #KSPBookClub today, let's try a simple exercise. Every time your kids read a book, do the following simple exercise with them. 

  • Ask them if they liked the book. A simple yes or no will convey a lot to you. 
  • Ask them what they understood from the book- be it a moral or a simple joke or the narrative. 
  • Get them to retell the story in different languages. An ideal way to get your kids to master both English as well as your mother tongue. 
  • Tell them if they would like more books in the series. From the eager nod or their reluctance you will know if you should continue the genre! 

This is how I choose the best books for my kids- purely based on my child's response as the biggest criteria. This way, you will know if you want your child to read more books by this author the publication house. Trust me- just like us, the little ones have their own favourites too! 

Over this year, we shared a number of books we read with you. A lot of you parents, got back to us saying you liked our recommendation and frankly, that's what helps this family of KSP Book Club to grow bigger and better! From new releases to classics, to lists in a particular genre, to age-wise specials, we serve it all in KSP Book Club. If you haven't joined already, you know you must do it NOW! 

Click to here to join the group of like-minded parents and kids at KSP Book Club 

And with KSP HQ, getting busy with the KSP Awards 2019, here are two categories, that every book worm and Book Club member, must absolutely vote in (in addition to others) to help fellow parents decide the best in the children's book market. 

We have curated a list of the Best Children's Book Publishers that you need to choose from and cast your vote. Do it here! 

Do your kids also love to read children's newspapers and magazines? Then we would like to hear which one is their favourite. Tell us with your vote here! 

Don't forget to browse through the other 60+ categories on KSP Awards 2019. Every vote counts in deciding the best among the rest! 

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