What Does A Dad Have To Do For A Little Credit Around Here?

Some dads do a lot, but still don’t get any credit!

As I’d written last week, my older daughter just turned four. So, as is the custom, we threw her a party. She’s an incredibly independent girl who seems to know her mind. So, she went from wanting to be Princess Leia from Star Wars to being Prince Celestia from My Little Pony. Blame Netflix if you must, but eventually, we had little choice but to comply.

So, my wife and I set about trying to deliver an ‘experiential event’ to about 15 kids under the age of six. I can tell you from years of practice that it’s probably easier to produce documentaries worth a few millions of rupees. We embarked on the mission with a fair amount of trepidation. The food menu must’ve gone through about 15 iterations while the music playlist saw about 342 additions and 215 deletions after which I stopped keeping track. The cake was easy enough since that was completely outsourced. The dress of the birthday girl meanwhile was another matter. Help from family, advice from a few websites and my wife’s immaculate style allowed us to arrive at a white flowing dress that personified the unicorn princess of the said cartoon franchise.

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