What New Age Parents Expect From Baby Care Brands

In this information-driven age, brands are under constant scrutiny, especially baby care brands. Here are the expectations new-age parents have from them.
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In today’s information-driven age, every single aspect of a brand is under scrutiny. And our generation of parents feasts on the plethora of information we can dig up on a brand before we use it. We know what we buy, why we buy and won’t settle for anything less. Especially, when it comes to baby care brands.

In this new age where influencers are fast becoming the middlemen between brands and customers. We are demanding products that are tried, tested and recommended by these people who seem to be consumers just like us.

But there are many more factors that brands need to tick if they wish to strike a chord with new parents and maintain it. Mansi Zaveri wrote an article about this in The Times Of India, where she explains every factor in detail and much more information.

Read the complete article here: https://kidsstoppress.com/press/what-new-age-parents-are-looking-for-or-expecting-from-baby-care-brands/

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