What Schools Are Looking For During Admissions | Kunal Dalal & Pinky Dalal

What are JBCN’s core principles and vision and what they aim to do to raise responsible learners over just students.

“We need to remove the fear of failure” – Kunal Dalal

Did you ever hear this when you were growing up? The approach towards education has changed so much over the past few years and we were very happy to hear that schools aim to raise life-long learners over just students. As parents, we are always concerned about which school is right for our child? which curriculums will help them shape their future and just a holistic approach to shaping our children to be happy. But how are we, as parents and schools helping them? Are our children getting raised in a happy environment?

We need to raise happy students and they will be life long learners – Pinky Dalal

Today, on KSP Radio, we are speaking to Pinky Dalal who has been in the industry since 1988 and her son Kunal Dalal. She started her career with Children’s Nook and now JBCN has launched its 4th school in Chembur. The core principles and vision of their school are what we admire and here are a few questions we asked them.

  • We spoke to them about what should be expected out of parents of learners?
  • How they manage so many schools together?
  • What are their strengths and what it takes to have successful students?
  • What schools look at during admission time 

And more… 

Tune in now and you will also know how to get your child ready for the 21st century at JBCN International School and we are excited about their 4th school in Chembur!

Here are some key takeaways from the podcast:

2.43 – On how learning should be made fun in school

6.43 – Moving from giving importance to content to concept 

7.25 – How has education evolved over the years

9.00 – Why are soft skills important for kids

10.11 – Thoughts on what is healthy competition 

11.45 – How to pick a good school for your child

13.49 – What parents are looking for when they are looking at education 

16.30 – How to raise lifelong learner

22.00 – How can a school teach 21st century skills

26.20 – How kids learn from their own mistakes and failures

35.18 – What are schools looking for during admission time

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