What The Australian Bushfire Teaches Our Kids About Climate Change

Wondering how to explain to your children everything about the Australian Bushfires and how it is going to impact the world? Australia has been engulfed by bushfires since early December 2019 and these have now spread across the continent, especially New South Wales. Listen to this podcast and talk to your child about climate change because it is important to raise responsible future citizens of the world.

Climate change is a hot topic these days amongst all of us but how are we planning to talk to our kids about the same. All of us agree, that we need to raise life-long learners and also responsible citizens of the world who know how to stand up for their rights, believe in equality but do you think we are failing to talk to them about how to make this a better world and be environmentally conscious

We understand that it is a very tough topic to introduce to the kids but parents should remember and:

  • Don’t avoid the issue
  • When they’re little, it is important to foster a love for nature. 
  • Focus on small actions and talk about those actions
  • Be the role model they would look up to

What is the Australian bushfire?

The 2019-20 Australian bushfire season involves a series of bushfires that are currently burning across Australia, predominantly in the south0east. The intensity of the fires are considered more than the other seasons and it has destroyed many acres of land.

Listen to this podcast and we are sure your kids will be curious to know more about the facts we share! Do leave us their questions in the comments below and we would love to get them answered!

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