What To Do For Painful Periods? (Home Remedies That Work)

If you experience period cramps and don’t know how to ease the discomfort, these tried and tested methods can help make things less painful.

It’s that time of the month again. The painful periods are here! My uterus decides to perform summersaults inside of me. And my back feels like I have been stabbed with a jagged knife. My thighs are numb because of the discomforting pain. Volcanic eruptions have become a common occurrence every time I move. I feel queasy and all I wish for is the pain to vanish. 

All sound too familiar? (If you are someone who does not experience period pain, I envy you!)

Remedies To Ease Those Painful Periods:

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1. Applying Heat

painful periods remedies

A quick fix to ease the menstrual cramps is using a hot bag or make yourself one! Take some cloth and sew the sides up, leaving a small hole at one end. Add some uncooked rice and sew up the hole. Now, microwave it for a few minutes, and it’s ready! Be careful not to burn yourself. Now here comes the desired sigh of relief!

2. Herbs To The Rescue

painful periods remedies

Herbs offer numerous anti-inflammatory benefits that ease muscle contractions. Fennel, cinnamon, ginger, and chamomile teas work wonders. Ready under a minute, all you need to do is soak and filter. Apart from teas, you can also incorporate them into your daily food. If you are someone who tosses around your bed on your period, herbal teas are the perfect fix for stress relief and insomnia.

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