Why Are We Obsessed With Our Baby’s Skin Colour?

Talk to us in the comments below. It is time we bring in the change. And for that, we need to be heard. One step at a time.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s interview with Oprah Winfrey is all over the news. And one of the popular clips that is making the rounds is when Meghan opens up to Oprah about questions that were raised before their son Archie was born about his colour. 

If you haven’t caught the video on our Instagram feed, here is it.


Take a minute, watch that video again. That silence by Oprah, when she hears it from Meghan Markle says it all! For those in the limelight, for celebrities, and for world leaders, the discussion on a baby’s skin colour might (and should) sound rude and uncalled for. 

But back home, this is a battle every mom faces. Day in and day out. Right from the time, she conceives, well-wishers sneak in that box of saffron, or a bottle of ghee, not to boost your immunity, but to ensure your baby is born “fair”. ‘Coz why not? We live in a country where we believe FAIR is indeed LOVELY right? 

Cut to 9 months later, when you have visitors over to see that li’l bundle of joy. The first discussions aren’t often on the baby’s erratic sleep schedule or the mom’s exhaustion. It is often the inevitable “Mummy/Papa pe gaya hai” and of course the colour tone. From eye rolls to pity pithy comments, babies with a darker skin tone are considered flawed. From using a special brand of turmeric to bathing in milk to using olive oil especially to “lighten the skin” we have received a world of unsolicited advice that never end. Been there? Sounds familiar?

Just Google this and you will know what I am talking about. The number of expert tips and advice to make your baby’s skin all fair and glowing are endless. And the descriptions and reasoning they give for these tips are truly cringe-worthy.

On one end we celebrate #WomensDay and cry for liberation and equality, and on the other end, we are subject to such ruthless criticism and comments, every single day of motherhood. What is the advice you have received from strangers/family regarding your baby’s skin colour? And how did you react to it?

Talk to us in the comments below. It is time we bring in the change. And for that, we need to be heard. One step at a time.

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