Why Ganesha is Worshiped First | Little Readers’ Nook

In this KSP Radio, we tell you a story about why Lord Ganesha was worshipped first! Kids, especially during all the festivities are always curious and have many questions about why we worship Lord Ganesha and what is the significance of the celebrations. Tune in and this story will get them excited about this festival and they will ask you for more stories on Indian Mythology.

Do you think you don’t read enough books or tell enough stories on Indian mythology and Indian Gods? 

We see so many recommendations on books online and we often forget to read something cultural and relatable to our children. That’s why they have so many questions around all the festivities. They ask questions like is it God’s birthday today? Why do we worship him? Why is this day important? What do we do at this festival?

Today, on KSP Radio, we are going to tell you a story about Lord Ganesha and this is a fun way to understand why we worship him first. Tune in and start the festQivities by introducing the many stories we have on Ganesha. If you would like to stock up on all the books that we suggest around this time of the year, then sign up for #KSPBookClub – we have it all covered. 

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