Why I Can’t Sleep When My Baby Sleeps

If you are ready to put in your 100% to raise business and babies – we’re here for you!

Why is it that new moms have to ditch their careers and business dreams just 'coz they have a new baby to raise? 

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We told you recently on our Instagram reels about a question that new moms are often asked- Don't you catch up on sleep when your baby sleeps?! Well, if only it was that simple! We put across a brave face and wing it- but we know for sure that it is not easy, especially if you are also working on giving your career a facelift. 

This is every mom's plight.

But does it stop them from dreaming bigger? When people ask us if women can have it all, I like to say women are multi-taskers. It doesn't matter if it's a small dream or big, but we wing it by dedicating ourselves pockets of time when the child is busy or sleeping. It's the thought that matters. If you are ready to put in your 100% to raise business and babies – we're here for you!


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