Why I Choose To Only Have One Child

I have often heard, ‘Are you sure you are one and done?’, ‘How can you do this to your child?’. ‘Your parents gave you a sibling’, ‘They will learn how to share’ and a lot more. But do you feel one and done? Here’s what we think of it.

I have often heard, 'Are you sure you are one and done?', 'How can you do this to your child?'. 'Your parents gave you a sibling', 'They will learn how to share' and a lot more. But my husband and I never know how to say, "We really are one and done"

Does that mean we are bad parents? Sure, no. It also doesn't mean we are selfish. We definitely don't need to please the world by getting a second child. We are the best people to know what is right for our family.

But sometimes I worry and I don't know if this is the right path for me. What if I regret it later. Hence, I asked other parents about what their take was. That's when I found out, I wasn't alone. Today, we list out our main concerns before taking this decision. 

Mental Health

How does it feel to raise just one? Would I be depressed? Will I overcome the fact that I may have to take a backseat in my career, yet again, if I go in for another one? I would rather have a single child if I have my doubts on if I am going to be a happy mom. I just want to spend quality time and give everything I have to share with one child. Raising 2 kids just seems tough.


Our parents come from a joint family generation where there were many helping hands. I don't know how far along I will be able to manage 2 kids – single-handedly with my career on the side. That's a point I need to seriously consider.


With the many dreams, we have for our kids – especially picking fancy schools with different curriculums, raising a family just seems tough. Am I really going to be able to pay for 2 children and have anything left for me? I want to be able to give everything I can to my children and not place them in an uncomfortable position. Being happy and comfortable precedes everything in life. 

Did you go through these thoughts, as parents? What made you stick to your decision? We asked mommies to tell us what they thought of this and we received many interesting replies. Go through them below and tell us your feedback in the comments below. 


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