Why It’s Important To Ask For Help As A Mom (& Ditch The Mom Guilt)

It was a fun conversation with Rayane Mithun laced with laughs, truth bombs and confessions. But more importantly, it was relatable. 

It is 2021. And the parenting fraternity has finally started to open up about parenting burnout and why the fraternity needs more help and less judgemental looks.

Back to when we were kids, we were either raised in large families, where there was a back up- another pair of eyes to take care of the kids when the mom used to breathe, or the percentage of working moms was lesser- or simply it was easier, for no particular reason.

Cut to today's scenario- especially in the pandemic year, it has become increasingly difficult to engage and entertain children within the 4 walls of the house, and "me-time" is a thing of the past! But moms are still hesitant when it comes to reaching out to others for help while raising babies. 

Last week, I spoke to super mom Rayane Mithun– on being a working mom, being a celebrity kid, sharenting, handling trolls, and why we must totally disown the mommy guilt. It was a fun conversation laced with laughs, truth bombs and confessions. But more importantly, it was relatable. 

Rayane spoke wonderfully about the need to stay positive in today's challenging world, why it is totally okay to ask for help and why you must let go of the perennial mom guilt. She also touches about how we must learn to balance career and children- and not feel bad or guilty for having to choose one over another on certain days. We totally agree. 

Watch the IGTV of our conversation below and don't forget to tune into our Instagram page for conversations with experts, achievers and celebrity mommies. 


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