Why You Must Not Miss Out On Your Child’s Vaccinations

Kids’ immunity levels are plummeting, and there is a rise in the case of death due to “vaccine-preventable-diseases”. Are we doing enough?

We all knew which vaccine had to be given to our kids at what stage. But after two years of the Covid outbreak, parents seem to be very lenient with this aspect of children’s life. I remember how my mom used to keep track of the various vaccines and boosters I had to get when I was in my growing years. What about kids now? Are they getting their vaccines on time?

Why Is Vaccination So Important?

Vaccines help strengthen the immune system and equip it to fight whatever specific disease it was taken for. Children have been losing their lives to vaccine-preventable diseases, this is not a good sign. We need to be mindful of vaccinations once again and now more than ever.

Here are three major reasons why kids are prone to diseases more nowadays:

  • The immunity level of kids is at an ALL-TIME-LOW. Due to zero exposure during the two years of covid.
  • Diseases have more effect on their health than they did before. Flu, measles, Cold & cough are all more harmful or stronger than before.
  • Parents have become very lax about the different vaccines that kids need to take at the appropriate time.

Is It Compulsory To Vaccinate My Kids?

Dr Nihar Parekh spoke on the same urging parents to not postpone their child’s vaccination. At least, for the next 2 years, it is important for parents to take utmost care of their kid’s health. And vaccination to prevent certain diseases is how you can get there.

It would also be really great if you could reach out to your staff and people who work in your house like drivers etc and ask them about this. Are they giving their kids the required vaccines too? This is the least we could do as a society and as humans.

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